Track-By-Track: EDEN’s no future

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I don’t know what you did on Valentine’s Day, but I spent my entire day listening to  EDEN’s debut album. After a few days of letting each track set in, I was able to piece together what I felt about the album as a whole. Every song was so different and specific, I couldn’t just provide you with a generic …

Matt Taylor On Budapest, Pop Music, And The Current Musical Landscape

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Matt Taylor had us instantly hooked with his song “Budapest.” The song is gorgeous and his lyrics are so poetic, we can’t get enough of it. We talked to Matt about the song and his biggest challenge in his career so far. How did you get started in music? Matt: I actually started writing very slow, singer/songwriter music, just myself …

Alt Bloom Is Quintessential California

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Alt Bloom, the brainchild of Ethan Thompson, makes dreamy soundscapes that are perfectly accented by his knack for poetic storytelling. We talked to the up-and-coming artist about new music and what’s been inspiring him lately. How did you get started in music? Alt Bloom: I’ve been doing music since I can remember. My parents had me and my two older …

Nightly Is Coming Into Their Own

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We’ve been Nightly fans for a while now, and the band is starting to finally get the recognition they deserve.The band made waves with their song “XO” in 2016 which quickly landed a spot on every influencer’s playlist and they’ve only snowballed since then. They’ve opened for NF and played tons of festivals and now they’re on a headlining tour …

Misty Mtn: Guess Who’s Back

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If you’ve ever avoided bars, coffee shops, or even an entire side of town after a break up, you’ll relate to Misty Mtn’s newest single ‘Guess Who’s Back.’ The self-described dark-mountain pop duo defies genre, blending pop, folk, and electronic influence to create catchy, but emotional tracks.