Enny Owl Is Creating A Fairytale With Her Music

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Enny Owl immediately caught my attention with her gorgeous purple hair and fairy aesthetics on TikTok, it's like she lives in her own magical world and her music totally captures that. Ethereal and sparkling with her angelic vocals, it's easy to get caught up in her creations. We talked to her about the inspo behind her music and what keeps her motivated.

What got you started in music?

Enny Owl: I had always loved singing since I was little, and despite how shy I was, I felt called to the stage. I started by singing my favorite songs at school talent shows and open mics. Once I learned how to play guitar in my teens, I felt a lot more confident performing my originals, and before I knew it, I was busking the streets of England and being booked to play local gigs. 

Tell me about your song "Nicolette," what's the inspiration behind it? 

Enny Owl: The song was inspired by my friend Nicolette and her response to the series I did on my Instagram story during lockdown. I asked viewers to send me their name and how they were doing at the time so I could write them a song. Her prompt was "tired." I started writing about being physically tired, and then it grew into the mental exhaustion of dating. At the time, it felt like being in the wilderness with "wolves" preying on sensitive hearts. While I was finishing the song, the meaning took shape as something bigger. It became about pushing through any difficult situation no matter how tired and drained you get. Nicolette is a reminder that once you've rested, you can be brave enough to find the strength to keep going.

What can you tell us about Homes in Humans?

HEnny Owl: It's coming out this autumn and was such a special album to put together! Healing is the theme that ties it all together, and I think that's beautiful because I went through a lot of healing and growing while finishing it. Sonically it's very cinematic and takes the listener on a magical journey. All the songs tell stories inspired by different people and what they are healing from.

I love your aesthetic. What inspires it? 

Enny Owl: Thank you! I'm really inspired by fairytales, magic, and fantasy movies. Something about being able to play make-believe even as a grown-up is so healing to my inner child. 

What else has been inspiring you lately? Any books or movies? 

Enny Owl: I recently rewatched Ella Enchanted with some friends and immediately remembered how much that movie completely shaped me as a child. It's one of my comfort movies and definitely a huge inspiration. Also Tangled! I never get tired of watching that movie and singing the songs. If you think about it, both of those characters had to find their inner strength. That's definitely a big theme in my upcoming album and generally how I've been feeling in my twenties. 

What has been one of the biggest challenges for you in music?

Enny Owl: Getting over my fear of being seen/judged. An affirmation I've been telling myself lately is, "I am not afraid to be seen trying." I heard this on TikTok, and it changed my perspective on self-promotion. It can be quite scary putting yourself out there and talking about your art, but I've been trying to remember that I'm super proud and excited about what I'm making, and the more I put myself out there, the more chances I have of reaching people who will connect with my music in a special way.

What songs have been on repeat for you lately?

Enny Owl: "Angel" by Halle has been on repeat nonstop since its release. It's become a whole self-love affirmation. And then "Sunday Kind of Love" by Etta James always makes me dance when it comes on while I'm baking. 

What's your best piece of advice for young women? 

Enny Owl: Have the audacity of a white man. Everything you're afraid to do is being confidently done by a man with way less qualifications than you, so keep your chin up and keep going! 

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