Evie Irie: The Eternal Optimist

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Even though I haven’t seen a live show since March, the one thing the pandemic has done is introduce me to a bulk of talent through technology. Evie Irie is just one of those artists. Her raw talent and forging her own path in music is something to be amazed at. At just 17 years of age, she’s sure of the sounds she wants to create and the message she wants her fans to resonate with. 

You’re young and the music you’ve created is so incredibly mature. How did you get your start?

Evie: I’ve always had a love and passion for singing. I felt this in my soul when I was 12 years old and I started playing guitar. My sister would tell me things that were happening in her life and I would use that as inspiration for my songs. After that, I signed a deal to go to America. 

Which song from the “The Optimist” are you most proud of? 

Evie: “Carry Your Heart,” I think. I wrote this a year ago. With more love, I can see the growth in this song and the story-telling is so personal because it’s my story. I want to show the fans that it’s okay to be vulnerable and they’re not alone. 

Tell us about the process for creating the EP? 

Evie: When I created my EP, there wasn’t just one way of doing it. It was usually like whatever I was feeling that day. I wrote whatever I was feeling for the day and it was always different. It just came effortlessly. 

Do you have any artists you consider your musical influences? 

Evie: I actually don’t have any! If I pick one, I end up getting stuck on one obsessively so I purposely try not to be inspired by anyone in particular. I just go in and listen to sounds and create my music with the experiences I have. 

What are some highlights from quarantine aside from creating new music? 

Evie: I just got back from skiing. I’ve redone my room and started cooking and baking. I’m trying to get out as much as possible and see anything in nature. The days seem short, but neverending. 

Any last parting words? 

Evie: The tone of my EP is quite lite and I wanted to make it inspirational - it’s something we need in today’s world. Everything seems so dark and unsure so I want to give people a little bit of happiness and joy.

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