FLAVIA Talks “Til I Die”

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It's no secret that we're obsessed with FLAVIA. Her song "Til I Die" is truly such a jam. We talked to the up-and-coming artist about the gorgeous and emotional video for the song, those Dua Lipa comparisons, and why it was so important for her to have all representations of love.

“Til I Die” is so so catchy, what was the process of deciding what the video would be like?

FLAVIA: I have to give full credit for this one to my amazing director, Basil Mironer (Mirage Studio). He was so passionate about this song and immediately had this vision for a mix of my own personal love story with doc style footage of real couples interweaved. I helped figure out specifics and design it from there, but he was the true brain child in this little beauty!  

I love that the representation of love is so inclusive, why was that important to you?

FLAVIA: This was SO important to me because love truly has / SHOULD HAVE no boundaries. We are lucky to live in Los Angeles where love flows freely between people of different races and sexualities, but sadly, there are parts of the world where this is not the case. We hoped that in some small way this video would help break some of those barriers and unite people around the world in the celebration of Love! 

On another note, where do you get fashion inspiration! I feel like you’re style is so unique. 

FLAVIA: Aw thank you! I'm honestly not sure where it comes from! I love expressing myself through clothing whether I'm in one of my crazy, bizarre pieces or throwing on a boys hoodie. Every day I wake up feeling different and think about what clothes will enhance the way I'm feeling. Sometimes I dress super girly, and other times I feel like rocking my masculine side. Right now I'm obsessed with colour!!! My closet looks like a giant rainbow. It excites me. 

You’ve had a lot of Dua Lipa comparisons, how does that make you feel?

FLAVIA: She's a babe, so I'm not too mad at that! 😉 I definitely think we look similar, it's kinda freaky at times. But I think our music styles, aesthetics and general artist mission is very different. I hope that people can see me as my own artist, instead of a Dua Lipa 2.0 (just because we happen to look similar), but if they can't then that's on them!

What would you say the overall message of this video is? 

FLAVIA: This video is a celebration of love regardless of gender, race or sexuality. This song is a reminder that love has no boundaries. 

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