Get Addicted To SHAED’s Intoxicating Music

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For a girl who has a wardrobe made up of entirely all black, I actually do enjoy vibrant music. I think it was meant to be when SHAED (pronounced “shade”) contacted me for an interview last week. If you visit their website, they simply tell you they make colorful music.

Given their name, though, it seems a bit ironic, right? The trio comprised of Chelsea Lee, Max Ernst, and Spencer Ernst know this but the word also has a dual meaning – different shades of color and also shade from a tree.

Lee met the brothers in the DC area from high school and have been best friends ever since. The chemistry between the group just shines with each song they perform. “Name On It” first premiered with Zane Lowe in September and soon after “Just Wanna See” and ‘Thunder” were released. Each song is sung with such intensity you’re quickly pulled in.

Lee tells me she and the Ernst brothers began writing about two and a half years ago and formed in March. “Just Wanna See” is the product of “embracing a new sound and aesthetic.”

“Perfume” is probably my favorite off the EP, and it’s a very fitting song for expressing how you feel when you find someone you really like. Plus, the beat is so very intoxicating and you just want to sing along to it.

“Baby I choose you
Like new perfume
Not gonna lose you
Never gonna wash you off”

If I had to compare this group’s sound to anyone I’ve heard, I would most definitely say Sia with the likes of Florence and The Machine. Lee says they draw inspiration from so many different artists. “My parents raised me on alternative 80s music so that has always been an underlining inspiration when writing songs.”

Chelsea has powerful vocals that just drift over every run. Seeing them live is incredible. She is the tiniest girl with the largest voice. You hardly believe it’s real.

They just finished touring and opening with VÉRITÉ on tour with Marian Hill. So far they’ve been in love with everything they’ve seen and cannot wait to explore the rest of this “beautiful country.” While they’re still growing, they hope an international tour is somewhere in their near future.

With such a unique, beautiful sound, I don’t think these guys have to worry about that one. If you aren’t already listening to SHAED, then what are you waiting for?

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