LANY: The Kinda Tour

emilytreadgold #5, Concert Reviews

Ever discover a band and you wish you were the only one who knew they existed? That’s kinda how I felt about the Los Angeles based trio, LANY (pronounced lay-nee for those who didn’t know). The trio is made up of Paul Klein, Lee Priest, and Jake Gross and they were the focal point of my summer soundtrack. The guys made a stop in Memphis, Tennessee during their tour so of course I had to go. They played at the 1884 Lounge at Minglewood Hall and had a very intimate show. Klein, the frontman of the group, even made a point to bring up how lucky they were to play in a small city such as Memphis.

I was in a room of about 70 or so people, and it was very refreshing to see everyone singing along to every single word. Klein has the charisma that draws you in – and it isn’t just his icy blue eyes. With one note, the crowd went wild. The band made sure to perform their single, “WHERE THE HELL ARE MY FRIENDS”. If you closed your eyes you would have truly thought we were all out at an indie club in LA, too. They also performed some “Make Out” favorites like “Bad, Bad, Bad” and “BRB/Kiss”.

The night continued with a few fan favorites from Kinda. They performed “like you lots” and “current location”, both describing different turning points in any relationship. It’s safe to say if you didn’t have any feelings before the show, you probably had them by the end of the set. The show wasn’t complete until they performed “ILYSB”. I rarely describe anything as being ‘lit’ but, this is exactly what it was like to be there. I was pretty tired before the show, but after this song I didn’t want the night to end. I’m telling you, if you haven’t even listened to these guys yet, you’re missing out. Get tickets to their show while you still can. The second half of the leg is just beginning.

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