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Housewife was one of our favorite acts at SXSW, the energy they had on stage washed over the audience at Swan Dive. We talked to them about their career journey and what's been inspiring them lately.

What was the moment you realized you wanted to pursue music as a career?

Housewife: It might not be the most interesting answer, but I think I've always known I wanted to pursue music as a career. I started begging my parents for violin lessons at the age of twostarted taking lessons at four, and that's been it for me ever since. I've definitely had moments where choosing to be an artist feels crazy, but yeah basically my whole life I've known I was going to at least end up doing something related to music.

Tell me about your song "I Lied." What's the story behind it?

Housewife: I Lied is about having a "will they won't they" thing going on with a friend. I'm a notorious flirt and absolutely hate dating so it's a situation I have found myself in more than a couple times. It's always stressful and confusing (but also a little fun!)

What is one of the biggest challenges for artists right now?

Housewife: I have been an artist for a relatively short amount of time with being so young, so I might not have the best insight on this, But I really do think social media and how quickly it shifts and changes the industry is really challenging. There is this expectation that an artist also has to be like, a "social media brand" in addition to being an artist, and I find that very difficult. For starters, I'm not cool and never feel up to date on trends, but also, I don't particularly like sharing all the details of my life online and think there is really strong push to do so.

How important is it for you to have a strong community in music?

Housewife: It's super important! Especially being a woman or AFAB person in the music industry. I've been really lucky to have a lot of really cool people supporting me and mentoring me over the last seven(?) years, but am still always looking to strengthen my community, which can be hard as someone who's very shy!

What artist has been on rotation for you recently?

Housewife: I've kind of been all over the place musically recentlyI was just in Texas so I've been listening a lot to the Khruangbin and Leon Bridges album, as well as the artist Artemas. Oh! And Neil Young now that his music is back on Spotify.

What keeps you motivated?

Housewife: Thinking of all the people who have put work and time into supporting me. And playing music with other people.

What message do you want your fans to take away from your music?

Housewife: I don't know if I have a message necessarily, but I just hope that other women/ AFAB people / queer people can relate to and feel seen by my music, whether that's in my songs about being angry at the patriarchy, or my more silly fun queer ones like I lied.

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