How To Prep For Hangout Fest 2018

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Hangout Fest is coming up! The 3-Day festival that covers the gorgeous beaches of Gulf Shores Alabama is always one of the best fests of the season. Here’s what you need to know to prep.

Getting There

Most people drive to Hangout Fest, you can’t just fly into Gulf Shores easily plus I’ve found that no matter where you’re driving it’s kind of nice. The gulf coast is gorgeous and you can listen to your playlist of songs to get your ready. Or if you’re like me and need people talking to you that aren’t your friends get some audiobook and listen to podcasts. From Texas we always stop in New Orleans for dinner and take the ferry to beach. If you can take the ferry please do, it is so much fun.

Take the shuttle

If you couldn’t get a shuttle pass (they sell out so quickly) try to procure one. Even if you’re not staying at the condos they have a stop at Pier 33 where you can just park and ride on in.

What To Pack

Like most festivals sunscreen and hydration are a must. Hangout Fest is amping up their security this year so if you’re bringing a bag it must either be very small, a fanny pack, or clear. Their security lines can take a long time so the less you have the better. Be sure to check out their site for more detailed rules on what you can and can’t bring. You do not want your things thrown away or worse, have to walk back to your car or shuttle back and lose hours of your festing time.

Things to not bring

  • unsealed items like cigarettes, tampons, chapstick and lip gloss
  • selfie sticks
  • cameras with a removable lens
  • inflatable chairs
  • the usuals, no guns or weapons, duh

Things you can AND SHOULD bring

  • sunscreen non aerosol
  • bugspray
  • container
  • empty water container
  • poncho, last year it rained so hard and we got so cold and every place near the festival will sell out of ponchos.

The chapstick thing really bums me out because it means that every day you’ll have to buy a new chapstick.

Other Things

Get there early to get a layout of the grounds and know where the stages are positioned. That way if you have to make a quick trip back and forth you have that plan in place.

Sometimes there’s an air conditioned bar, find it, take a break, don’t get sunburned.

Know your limits, watch your friends, know when to get help or leave. Last year a large man almost fell on me and his wife thought it was funny. There’s jerks everywhere but come on. Get it together.

Every year it kind of storms, be prepared for changes in the schedule and just know that they will shut that place down if the storm is bad. Then you’ll have to wait for the shuttle forever while cold rain pours on you.

The restaurants near the festival are really good and you should plan your meals around them! The food inside the festival is great too but the prices can be really steep especially if you want to drink any alcohol. Last year me and my friend has a long break in sets and wandered out to get some salads and wine. On that same note, when it was storming all these festival goers went into a dippin dots and just sat around getting the floors soaking wet. If you do this please buy something from the store. It’s so rude not to. This guy walked in there wrung out his t-shirt on the floor and these two girls working looked so upset. This is a small town and it’s crazy busy with the festival be respectful to everyone.

The Music

Our writers Wade and Chelsea have selected their lineups. Check out their picks and listen to our playlist and decide for yourself.

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