Isaac Dunbar Is A Whole Vibe

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Isaac Dunbar truly is SUCH.A.VIBE. His dreamy vocals match his dreamy personality. We got to catch up backstage at Austin City Limits and it was so awesome to hear about the inspiration behind his alter ego, his music and what’s coming up next for him.  I LOVE your outfit so, so much. Isaac Dunbar: Thank you! I love your eyeshadow. …

How To Prep For Coachella 2019

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Festival season is among us and if you’re anything like me and enjoy looking glam while enjoying good music, you’ll know that having the right attire and product is key. Check below for all our product recs as well as who we’re stoked to see! Follow Sam on her journey on Instagram but she’ll be on our account all day too. …

Planning For Float Fest

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In less than two weeks it will time for another summer festival – Float Fest!

If you somehow aren’t familiar with Float Fest, it occurs every summer in the lovely city of San Marcos, Tx, offering the chance to go tubing with your best buds before the performances start at 2. p.m. Different from more traditional festivals, this one allows you to have your cake and eat it, too. Festival goers have the option to spend the morning tubing in the San Marcos river, a common past time down south, camping the night away after the festival, and enjoying performances in the later afternoon/evening.

How To Stay Sober At Shows And Have A Good Time

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We live in an interesting time. Music festivals have become more mainstream in our culture as generations young and old flock to events such as Austin City Limits, Lollapalooza, and Coachella. People seem to find camaraderie in their shared tastes, often bonding over the bands they love. The greatest common factor for a large gathering of people at a festival is the love of music. But I’m here to talk about another factor that has a major impact on young people at these events.