IYVES Returns With Stunning New Song “Gold”

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IYVES just dropped her gorgeous new song "Gold" and her pop infused R&B sound has never been better. Her voice is drenched in honey over sparse instrumentals. Her moniker, is a nod to the ivy plant, known to grow in harsh environments, she wants her music to do the same, transcend above the norm. We talked to her about the new song and what's been inspiring her lately.

How did you get started in music?

IYVES: I’ve been singing pretty much as long as I can remember. I asked my parents when I was about 7 or 8 to take voice lessons and have been really pursuing it ever since.

What’s been the biggest challenge for you in your career?

IYVES: I have come across many hurdles and challenges through out my career. The music industry has changed/is changing so rapidly so, I find I have to constantly be up to date on everything to navigate the most effective way to put out my music. The most important thing I’ve found value and importance to be proud of the music I’ve created and surround myself with supportive and trusting people.

Tell me about your song “Gold” what’s the story behind it?

IYVES: ‘Gold’ was written and inspired by finding someone that treats you better than you’ve ever experienced or imagined. At first your skeptical by “how could this be so good” to “wow I can’t get enough of you. I never want to loose this”. ‘Gold’ was such a fun song to write and record (with co-writer Mori Einsidler and producer Lucas Hass) I feel like I was really able to get across a feel and message i’ve been really craving to achieve in a song.

What else has been inspiring you lately?

IYVES: I’m pulling from a lot of personal growth and change as of lately. I’m finding a new sense of independence and self respect. I’ve had to navigate channeling relationships and really had to look at how those relationships are serving me and or not. I think that is really coming across strongly in my music and writing as of lately.

Who are you music role models and why?

IYVES: This question is always very challenging for me to answer as I pull from so many different role models from different times and phases of my life. I always and forever am inspired by classic r&b soul like Aretha Franklin and Bill Withers to more contemporary soul like Nao, Lianne La Havas and Cautious Clay. I love the story telling and songwriting of the Beatles and the simplicity and power of lyrics of James Blake. I love music and it is truly playing in my ears, home, car at almost all times! 

What’s your best piece of advice for young women?

IYVES: Some advice I’d like to give young woman is embrace the things that make you different. Different is beautiful, it is what makes you you. That is what people will celebrate about you through out your life. It’s hard when we live in a world of so much social media and things that tell us what is cool, glamorous, successful etc but, ultimately we need inspiration and something that makes us feel something beyond the “norm”. So be bold, sublet, corky, stylish, humorous, serious - whatever feels you!

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