Jake Wesley Rogers Talks Love And Inspiration

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Jake Wesley Rogers is as dynamic and animated as you’d expect. Coming off an early flight to Austin, we talked about what’s next for him.

P.S. his EP Love is out and it’s the most incredible piece of music I’ve ever heard!

First off, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me. I know you’re just getting here from an early flight into Austin. So first thing, tell me about how the EPs have changed over time? From the beginning to who you are now. 

JWR: Yeah! Well, I think for me, it’s always important to evolve. In short, I’m always evolving and now we’re going to work on that first album. 

How have you drawn the inspiration for your music?

JWR: Mm, experiences and just paying attention! Kind of connecting the dots. I think finding those synchronicities is fun and it’s great to tell a story with it. 

Kind of just living?

JWR: Just living! Exactly!

Whether in the past or current, who are some artists that have inspired your music? 

JWR: Not a lot of music, but rather I find myself getting inspiration from authors. Maya Angelou for example, her autobiographies are very impactful for me and poets like Walt Whitman and Mary Oliver. Songwriters like Joni Mitchell, Patti Smith. 

Honestly incredible wordsmiths. Which song of yours are you the most proud of?

JWR: Pluto!

Ah! Yeah!! Can you tell me a little more about that?

JWR: Yeah! It just really surprised me when I wrote it. I was able to connect and write it and to see it connect with so many people means a lot to me. It’s about embracing the outsider of it all and letting it shine through. 

That’s amazing. And I know you’re touring with P!ATD right now. Has there been a city you’ve especially enjoyed? 

JWR: It feels like such a dream. Definitely Madison Square Garden. It was very fun. The Raleigh City was also fun - I don’t know why but the energy was just tapped in. 

We saw your set earlier, but how has it been like at ACL? 

JWR: It is very hot, but such a beautiful crowd. It’s always great to come back to Austin.

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