Jayden Bartels Keeps It Real

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Jayden Bartels just dropped her new EP and it is brimming with authenticity, the young artist is no stranger to the industry but she keeps it real. Her lyrics are heartfelt and her melodies are unforgettable. We talked to the young artist about the new EP and how she stays grounded.

Jayden! How does it feel to have your EP out in the world?

Jayden: It feels amazing! I’ve been working on it for a while now so to have it out and seeing everyone’s reactions to it really inspires me to keep writing. 

Which song was the scariest to release? Any super personal tracks?

Jayden: They’re all very personal but I think “Second” would have to be the song that I’m closest to. I draw my writing inspiration from things that have happened to me. It feels very freeing to write these experiences in the form of a song and at the same time it’s scary not knowing how the story will be received. 

What was it like directing the video for “The Group?”

Jayden: Really exciting! I’m very passionate about directing and especially directing my own videos.  After I wrote the song, I had a specific idea of what I wanted the video to be so being able to bring that to life has just made the song that much more special for me.

How should people deal with toxic people in their lives?

Jayden: I think just recognizing and asking yourself, “What does this person bring to my life?” is the first step. If the answer is negativity, choose to spend your time and invest in people who will build you up! 

How do you stay authentic being so young in the music industry?

Jayden: Because I write all of my songs about genuine experiences, I think that’s really allowed me to always remain authentic with my fans. My EP shares the good, the bad, and everything in between!

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