Joyce Wrice Drops Fierce New Visual For Latest Single “So So Sick”

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Emerging R&B princess, Joyce Wrice’s newest release, “So So Sick” is a chill ballad to cure a broken heart. The accompanying music video follows the singer on a laid back girls’ night out equipped with dance numbers and a cameo by rapper, Smino. The visual’s streetwear glam and the track’s breezy sound is reminiscent of the 90’s Aaliyah era.

Wrice’s vocals cascade over the soulful beat. She effortlessly hits every high note and choreographed movement. The video begins with subtitles and the songstress appearing to speak Japanese, paying homage to her mother’s roots. She is then seen destroying her presumed ex’s clothing before meeting up with friends and heading out for the evening. She sings, “But when I move on and find somebody new, give em all the love that you could’ve had, had to cut you off now you got it bad.” The lyrics are an empowering ode to feeling unappreciated in a relationship and finding the motivation to move on.

“So So Sick” is the precursor to Wrice’s debut album. The highly anticipated project is set to release next year across all digital streaming platforms. While the singer has already cultivated a cult following on social media, this single has laid the foundation for mainstream popularity on radio stations and playlists.

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