Skott Is Poised For A Takeover

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Skott’s latest release, her highly anticipated sophomore album “Roses N Guns” is just as, if not more, captivating than her previous releases.  The Swedish singer/songwriter has been making huge waves in the industry. We were lucky enough to interview Skott and learn a bit more about the writing process and inspiration behind her acclaimed album, “Roses N Guns”, her journey …

When Do Fans Go Too Far?

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In one of my most popular TikToks, I called a bunch of bands “boybands” to reference how when a group of young women love a band, they’re often overlooked until the men come around and claim them geniuses, i.e., The Beatles. In that video, I posted 5SOS, and their fans came at me in full force because heaven forbid 5SOS …

Tessa Kaye: The Universe Was Waiting For Me To Be Authentic

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Tessa Kaye is an artist you need to have on your radar, her new song “Girl, I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend” immediately hooks you with her gentle voice and sweet lyrics with those catchy hooks that reel you in. We caught up with Tessa Kaye to talk about the changes she wants to see in music and what’s been inspiring …

Valley Is Partying “Like 1999” And We’re Here For It

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I saw Valley perform a couple of years ago opening for another band so when their track “Like 1999” came across my for your page, I knew the melodies were extremely familiar. To see this group get the recognition they deserve in a year when we had no music was nothing short of incredible. We got to sit down with …

Joyce Wrice Drops Fierce New Visual For Latest Single “So So Sick”

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Emerging R&B princess, Joyce Wrice’s newest release, “So So Sick” is a chill ballad to cure a broken heart. The accompanying music video follows the singer on a laid back girls’ night out equipped with dance numbers and a cameo by rapper, Smino. The visual’s streetwear glam and the track’s breezy sound is reminiscent of the 90’s Aaliyah era. Wrice’s …

Anna Brings Absolute Honesty Into Her Music

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Anna is candidly honest, open, and completely vulnerable. Her single, “London Knows” talks about her personal experience with sexual assault and it tells a story from start to finish. Her latest, “Good Days, Bad Days” is a trope to all the emotions you feel, but ultimately to say you can’t appreciate a good day with a few bad days. I’m …

We’re Dying To Join Fae’s New Religion

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Fae is the unapologetic, fearless artist that we truly need right now. Her song “new religion” is pure dark-pop and her commanding voice get’s you from the start. The video for the song shows the kind of female cult that we’d be so down to join, but behind the video, it was important for fae to work with a largely …

Cutting Through The Fear With CUTT

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Hannah Cutt, aka CUTT, has had a whirlwind of a career. She started out acting but made a drastic change when she turned her poems into music. Her latest song “Messy” is on the surface about sex but has a beautiful meaning behind it. We talked about her current challenges and what has been inspiring her lately. How did you …

Zyles Is the Indie Pop Songster You Should Know

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I was instantly hooked on Zyles after listening to his song “Sundresses” the song is shimmering pop at its finest and is perfect for those late summer hangs. We chatted with Zyles about his latest inspirations.