Liz Huett’s “STFU and Hold Me” Is Your Modern Dating Anthem

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You say unpolished like it’s a bad thing. That’s exactly the vibe singer and songwriter Liz Huett gives us in her debut single, “STFU and Hold Me.” Liz Huett’s name and voice shouldn’t be all that surprising. It’s no secret she was once a backup singer for Taylor Swift. Yes, that Taylor Swift. After a few years on the road, …

Sigrid’s Vibe Cannot Be Killed

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As an avid cat meme enthusiast, I’m glad Norwegian pop star, Sigrid, can relate. Since breaking the U.S. charts with her single, “Don’t Kill My Vibe,” she’s been to countless cities to perform her music. She’s so humble and credits her team for their hard work and promoting her music on platforms like Apple Music’s Up Next Program. “It’s been really helpful, and most importantly – crazy fun,” she says.