KiNG MALA Is A Name You Need To Know

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KiNG MALA has been one of our favorite artists on the rise right now, she's been absolutely dominating. She just opened for UPSAHL and we just know her upcoming EP is going to be on constant rotation. We talked to her about her writing methods, being vulnerable, and what we can expect from her in the future.

I love "i hope you know what you're doing". I love the dark/alternative pop vibes and the lyricism that fits hand in hand. You've described this song as the story of a "cat and mouse" chase. How did the idea for this song arise? What's the inspiration behind it (and does the potential subject of the song know it's about them)

KiNG MALA: Hahahaha, well, put plainly, this is about a person I was very into who was not very into me (well at first they were). I think I have a thing for unattainable people, so the minute this person's feelings for me faded, that's when I got verrrry obsessed with re-winning their affection, and spoiler alert… it didn't work, lol. I went into the studio the day we wrote this song and told the producer and writer I was working with that I was very into this person, but really I think I was more into the chase, so we decided to write a song about loving the torture of an indifferent lover. As for whether they know or not... I think they know, haha.

When you write, do you often derive from your personal life? And how do you deal with that level of vulnerability, of putting your own emotions and experiences out into the world for everyone to hear? 

KiNG MALA: I definitely lean more towards writing from personal experience. I love the rawness that comes from writing about something I am actually feeling. It can be scary, but I find being vulnerable with the world one of the most beautiful displays of humanity. I love seeing other people do it, and I love seeing other people connect with my music when I do it. There is really no other feeling like hearing someone say that your art helped them through a difficult time or helped them come to terms with their own emotions. It's incredible.

You've been on tour with UPSAHL, which is amazing! How did you feel about the end of your tour? Any bittersweet emotions? 

KiNG MALA: It's absolutely bittersweet 🙁 This tour has been so unbelievably incredible. I couldn't have asked for a better crew, headlining team, or better shows. This has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life, and I'm so sad that it's over!

Any memorable moments with fans on tour?

KiNG MALA: Well, I had a fan propose to their girlfriend during my show, so that was pretty memorable (we all sobbed).

You have an EP coming out this year. Can you give us some insight on what to expect?

KiNG MALA: This EP is a culmination of two years of writing and self-exploration. I'm so excited for everyone to hear the inner workings of my brain for the last two years.

Besides the EP, do you have any other exciting projects you can tell us about? What can we keep expecting from KiNG MALA?

KiNG MALA: There is a ton of new music in the vault, some exciting features, more show plans, and tons more exciting visual content on the way 🙂

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