Lauren Spencer Smith Flowers Her Fans With Love

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Lauren enters the stage in her fiery red outfit, wearing all black with a black and red shirt. She kicks off the show by singing her song, "Never Been in Love," while standing on the steps in the middle of the stage.

A fan throws a Canadian flag on stage, and she wraps it around her. When the song is finished, she then interacts with her fans, saying, "I'm so excited to be back in my home country!" She thanks her fans multiple times.

Transitioning seamlessly, she then starts to sing a cover by Adele, "Rolling in the Deep," which everyone immediately recognizes and starts to join in excitingly. She sounds amazing, hitting every note.

As she sings "ily," Lauren takes numerous moments to express her love and appreciation to her devoted fans. The lights then go dark, and she climbs back on the steps in the middle of the stage and sings the popular TikTok song "Fingers Crossed."

The photographer comes on stage to capture a photo of Lauren and the crowd; she describes the moment as "a big friend group." Lauren affectionately describes the moment as a gathering of close friends, playfully exclaiming, "Ok, Slay!" once the photo is taken.

Before singing her song "For Granted," she tells a story about why she decided to put it on the setlist, which has to do with DMS from her fans, a gift from a fan, and a fortune cookie.

"I just wanna say you're never too hurt to fall in love," and proceeds to sing the song as she tells the fans that they deserve someone who will put in the effort as she tries not to cry. Energized by the crowd's unwavering support, Lauren starts to sing "Too Hurt to Fall in Love," with the entire audience passionately chanting "1, 2, 3" during the chorus.

As she's singing "That Part," the crowd cheers loudly as a proposal takes place in the crowd. "They just got engaged!" she screams into the mic. After the song, she engages in a conversation with the couple, discovering that their relationship coincidentally matches the exact duration of the song's release—1 year.

2 red lights are spotlighted on her as she starts to sing "Aftermath," and then she sings her song "28" very passionately before leaving the stage. The crowd cheers for an encore. Purple misty lights come on, and the crowd cheers as she sings another one of her popular TikTok songs, "Flowers."

Throughout the concert, Lauren effortlessly engages the crowd, creating an atmosphere that resonates with a sense of genuine connection. Her love for her fans shines through, reciprocating the adoration they shower upon her. The concert shows the bond between Lauren and her devoted supporters, leaving no doubt that their connection is truly something extraordinary.

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