Julian Lamadrid Knows It’s His Time

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Julian’s upbeat pop sound is perfect to get you ready for the summer. His latest single, “My Time” already has remixes and we’re craving more. It’s been amazing to get to talk to him about his inspiration and his songwriting.  Tell us about “My Time” and the inspiration behind this single.   Julian: I actually wrote My Time about two years …

Annette Lee: A Song For The Underdog

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There’s nothing Annette Lee can’t do, the Internet sensation is known for her videos but now her musical ambitions are brought to life through her new song and the brilliant series surrounding it. We talked to her about being the underdog and the biggest challenges she’s faced. How did you get started in music? I know you’re involved in a …

IRIS Is Seeing Stars

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IRIS first caught our attention with her mesmerizing song “Crazy” her mellifluous voice and haunting melodies are captivating. Now, her song “Stars” follows that same theme: dreamy and bewitching. Tell me about the new song? IRIS: So this song is actually the first song that I wrote for I guess this body of work that I’m releasing. I actually felt …

RUUMER Is The Sister Pop Duo To Watch

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RUUMER, the dynamic sister duo with sparkling pop sounds is just off the release of their song “Gimme Some” and they’re definitely not stopping. I talked to them about Catholic school, staying motivated, and what’s coming next. So, how did you get started? Melis: We’ve been singing and acting since we were both 3 years old. We’re sister which some …

It’s Impossible To Be Sad Listening To Crush Club

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Crush Club is like what summer sounds like in music form. The duo creates high-energy sparkling tracks that instantly hook you. We talked to them about their tour and the sweet inspiration behind their song “Higher.” How did Crush Club form? Le Chev: It’s a classic big city story.  A couple misfit artists trying to find their way, we met …

Yoshi Flower Isn’t Paranoid

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Hailing from Detroit, Yoshi Flower has the most unique chill vibe but with his own electronic and hip hop flair. His cool demeanor and catchy lyrics are what makes him a perfect accompaniment as he joins SG Lewis on his fall tour. Prior to taking off the road, we got to speak to the artist about his start and what to expect on tour.