Maggie Andrew Is Telling Her Story

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LA-based pop artist, songwriter, and creator, Maggie Andrew has released part 2 of her 3-part trilogy, "ILMIHM" (I Love Me I Hate Me). This trilogy is an in-depth musical, visual and emotional experience, inspired by her own life, that will introduce fans to a world they can immerse themselves in. Honestly, this was my favorite track, and I couldn’t wait to interview her. 

What was your inspiration for your "ILMIHM"? 

Maggie: I’ve always felt like I’ve been in a never-ending state of survival mode. My fight or flight never seems to shut off. When I was writing survival mode in 2019, I never really spoke with anyone about everything I was feeling. It was all building up inside of me, then I just exploded, and this is what came from it.

What has your journey been like as an artist?

Maggie: It’s been a long ride for sure, but one I’m not planning on getting off of anytime soon! So many ups and downs, a lot of constant change. There’s been disappointment, excitement, sadness, and joy - it’s like I’m living in my own cinematic world. I’m learning and growing more every single day. I wouldn’t change a thing.

What about this project makes it a trilogy, and why did you decide to do that? 

Maggie: The 3 songs together tell such a huge part of my story in a very cohesive way. I have so much to say and so many emotions that I couldn’t fit them all into just one song. So we made the trilogy!

Favorite track of the 3?

Maggie: That’s a hard one! I love all of them for different reasons, but if I had to pick one, I would say ILMIHM because it sounds spooky.

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