Natalie Alexander Wants More Women In Country

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Natalie has the sweetest voice, her song “I Don’t Want To Catch My Breath” is an earnest song with touching lyrics and a beautiful build. It’s the kind of country-tinged pop that the industry has been missing out on.

Natalie grew up in a musical family. Her first taste of the industry was managing her brothers’ band but it didn’t take long for her to develop her own music.

Her writing is effortless, she jokes “I write in my car a lot. A hook or melody will come to mind and I’ll record it into a voice memo on my phone so I don’t forget it.”

The song “I Don’t Want To Catch My Breath” was a piano ballad that Hillary Lindsey wrote and it was a dream for Natalie to record it. She says, “When I first heard the demo I fell in love with it. It’s such a beautiful song with a sweet message.”

Country is a difficult genre, especially right now it can feel stuck in one place. On one side of the spectrum you have your bro-country dudes and on the other you have your few and far between country divas. There are plenty of inspiring and amazing country artists but you rarely find them on the charts.

Natalie says, “I find the country music community to be incredibly inspiring. The music I’ve listened to my whole life has been incredibly diverse, but I’ve always been partial to country. When I was deciding which genre I wanted to focus on, country just seemed like the natural fit.”

However, she does agree that there needs to be more women climbing the charts in the country music worlds.

She explains, “I don’t know if it’s a numbers issue or an attention issue, but I do wish I saw more women on the country charts. As a female, the majority of my favorite country songs are by women, primarily because they’re the ones I can sing the best! That also contributed to why I chose country – I wanted to contribute to a genre in a meaningful way.”

Natalie is busy writing and performing, she’s excited for some of her new collaborations and to release more music for us. Follow her on Instagram @nataliealexandermusic and Twitter @nataliemusic and listen to her new song Cruel.

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