New Music Alert: Alex Stern’s “Fingers Crossed”

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I rarely cover country music, but I absolutely adore Alex Stern. Her songwriting is so relatable, emotional, and vulnerable. Her latest single, “Fingers Crossed” is a little more forceful than her previous singles, but in the best way. Her vocals are so strong in this one that you know she’s a woman not to be messed with. My favorite thing about her is she’s so wise beyond her years and I’m always thrilled and excited to premiere anything of hers.

This song talks about taking back ownership of your heart so you can love again and become vulnerable. What's your best love advice for our readers?

Alex: The best love advice is something my mom told me always when I was growing up "it's better to be by yourself and create happiness than to be with someone that makes you feel alone and unhappy".

I know you’ve got a pretty big cruise coming up for you. What are you most excited about?

Alex: I am SO excited to be apart of the artist line up with Brantley Gilbert, Luke Combs, Michael Ray and so many other talented artists that I really look up to! Not only do I feel so honored to experience it, I am mostly thrilled to get to meet listeners in person, to know them in a really genuine way while cruising to the Bahamas! It is going to be a BLAST to also get to play all my new music with my band too.

Tell us, in your own words, what this single means to you.

Alex: This single means so much to me because it helped me to heal my heart in a way that I've never really experienced. This song obviously was inspired by my own feelings of heartbreak and being let down in a relationship I'd experienced, but after the song came to life, I realized the song was more so about owning my vulnerability and about not letting one experience make me jaded towards love. Alot of times, when one person breaks our hearts, we feel the urge to carry the mistrust into the next relationship and it makes us scared to be vulnerable again. When listeners hear "Fingers Crossed" I hope that it can encourage them to embrace their vulnerability and be reminded that having hope and crossing your fingers about someone or something is really brave.

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