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Singer/songwriter Alex Stern started as a new twitter follower but she’s now turned into a friend and favorite artist. We’ve talked about music, life and recently, crushes. Her latest single, “Think About You” is about that feeling when you can’t get a certain someone out of your head. Alex is so open with everything to me and I couldn’t wait to hear the inspiration behind the single.

Catching up from the last time we talked. I remember when we spoke, Dreamin' was about that lost love, but with Think About You, it's like that refreshing crush and the welcoming of a new relationship. Was this about a personal experience?

Yes! “Think About You” is definitely about new feelings and the exciting possibilities of starting a new relationship. This song was inspired by a personal situation I was experiencing when I wrote it with my co-writers Melissa and Andy so the lyrics are definitely written from my very personal perspective.

Crushes are also kind of exciting. Tell me about the feeling you have - you know, without giving too much away!

They definitely are! When I wrote this song, it was an outlet for me to creatively express the emotions I was feeling towards the guy I started having feelings for. I was feeling caught between the emotional limbo of deciding if I should tell him or not and wondering about if he was feeling the same. With all the confusion of what I should do, I had so many questions to ask him about how he felt, so the song lyrics reflect a lot of those personal questions I wanted to ask him about his feelings.

Vulnerability is huge in any relationship. Is it hard for you to open up to new people?

Not at all! I think for the most part I have always been an open book. Being a songwriter I’ve learned  how powerful vulnerability can be and how it can allow for me to genuinely connect with my listeners. Sure, being vulnerable can be scary sometimes but if I’ve learned anything on this journey it’s that having regrets about anything is the WORST feeling ever. My mom always says “no guts, no glory” and so I always learned to never have regrets about anything. When it comes to my music, I feel so thankful to have an outlet in my songwriting where I can always make sure nothing I need to say goes left unsaid.

What's the biggest takeaway you want listeners to get from this song? Are you saying we should just go for it when we really like someone?

I hope listeners can relate to “Think About You” and connect it to their lives or situations. I wanted this song to be as personal as I could make it to hopefully inspire my listeners to feel brave enough to be vulnerable like that in their own lives. A lot of times people are taught to feel ashamed of being vulnerable, and the biggest goal I want to reach with this song and with my music in general is to inspire people to embrace their vulnerability because it should never be a source of somebody’s shame.

To you, what's the best part about having a crush?

My favorite part about having a crush is definitely how when you start to like someone, it’s like the universe starts to bloom, every love song reminds you of them and of course that magic feeling of excitement that gives you butterflies all day long.

Finally, what kind of dating/crush advice do you have for our readers?

I am definitely not a love guru HAHA but some advice my mom told me a long time ago that has always stuck with me is that…”it’s better to be alone by yourself, than to be with someone and feel alone”. SO TRUE MOM.

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