New Music Alert: Annalia’s Affinity

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If you know me, you know I’m  a sucker for a good pop song and singer/songwriter ANNALIA has me hooked. She’s dropping her EP next month, but I got to talk to her about the exclusive premiere of her latest single, “Affinity.”

ANNALIA, if someone hasn’t heard your music before, how would you describe your sound?

I like to call my sound “organic pop” because I use a lot of real instrumentation/sounds as well as raw and relatable songwriting, alongside more current pop production.

I think you have the perfect pop sound. Did you always know this was the direction you wanted to go in?

Thanks! My vocal tends to mesh well with a more organic leaning production, and I love commercial pop, so a blend of the two is what I’ve always gone for.

Who are your musical inspirations?

Stevie Nicks and Ellie Goulding are just two of several.

Tell me about your single, "Affinity."

This song is about complete infatuation and being consumed by your love for somebody. It’s about having a naturally magnetic connection and an undeniably strong rapport. I like to call it the 'bop' of the EP because it's my favorite and the one that makes me wanna dance the most.

What about the rest of your EP? Why these specific 5 songs?

The full project is about human connection. I wrote the songs with that in mind. When I felt a certain way or was dealing with a certain aspect of human relationship, I made sure to tune into the feeling and put it down in song form. These 5 songs touch on both the highs and lows of relationships and are 100% from the heart and personal experience.

So I’m from Memphis originally - not too far from where you went to college. Where in Nashville did you go to school? And did that influence your sound at all?

"Welcome! I went to Belmont University. School didn’t shape me or my sound as an artist, but rather helped jumpstart my desire to get the project rolling. Nashville was definitely a major growing period and I’m so thankful for what I learned and have done since then.

What's next for you this year?

I'm always one step ahead, so I'm already working on new tunes. I'm also planning more shows - I really want to engage with my fans and show them my performance/dance in a live setting!

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