New Music Alert: Drive!Drive! Feels

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Drive!Drive! is the alternative pop creation from lead singer Alex Johnson. After moving to Nashville, Johnson realized that he wanted to build a band from scratch. He found it extremely difficult to find members that wanted to play for the love of it. He felt like he was lost in a sea of session players. Alex explains:

“Nashville is like the semi-finals of a talent show. Everyone is great and they all want to start their professional careers. Most people that reached out immediately asked what the pay was. I wasn’t used to that. I’m used to bands being started because they just loved creating music together.”

After a year of searching, Alex found Gavin Hurlburt and Philip DeLuca. Collectively their talents, ambition, and ideals are ready to take on the industry. With their first single, “Feels”, the band provides the first look and sound of what’s to come. With the help of LOYALS’ Andrew Gomez, the single is out today for you to hear. We’re excited to premier it and make sure to add “Feels” to your playlists and rotation!

You can find the band on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook with the handle @justdrivedrive.

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