New Music Alert: Chelsea Collins & 24kGoldn “Water Run Dry” Video

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I’ve loved Chelsea Collins’ sound for a while now. I love her independent attitude and she truly doesn’t care - but in the best way. The LA pop artist is in a lane of her own. Her latest single, “Water Run Dry” is a collab with 24kGoldn and it’s the perfect summertime anthem. We talked about her process behind the single and video and what she’s excited about! 

Chelsea, tell me about the inspiration behind “Water Run Dry?”  

Chelsea: Honestly, in the now I thank the heavens for my ex-boyfriend but way back when the saddest part of our relationship was when we were together but we felt like total strangers to a point in time where we both needed to lean on each other the most. Sometimes nothing drastic within love happens but you simply just grow apart. Falling in love is so beautiful and rare that you try your best fight and try to hold on to something that’s already gone. 

How did you and 24kGoldn get together to create the video and what was the idea behind it? 

Chelsea: I had this song started and was always super into his music, also always a big stan of other Bay Area artists, so when the opportunity came around to work with 24 I was like, “Yes YAY so excited!!” Then the video came about and I wanted to do something that involved step ford wives,  and my obsession with Barbie dolls. Then boom! It all came together and it was super cool to see the weird world I create inside my mind turned into a video set. Honestly, I would love to live in a retro land of dolls.  

What are you doing during quarantine? How has that impacted how you released music or even write songs?  

Chelsea: I’ve taken this time to really better my production skills and study a lot of the producers I look up to, and even though the circumstances within the world are really scary and sad, if I can contribute to peoples happiness by releasing music that gives them any form of endorphins then that makes me happy too!! I have definitely had writer’s block on and off because I’m one of those people that likes to make my life hectic and crazy because I find it inspiring to create from that but at least I know at the end of the tunnel of writer’s block, there’s always a bop waiting around the corner.

What are you most excited about with the new music?  

Chelsea: I’m most excited about seeing the fans’ reactions!! I’ve been working on my project before releasing it for 2 years so I have a lot of songs I’m super anxious to put out. It warms my heart to see my music resonate with people, all I wanna do in this world is make it a better place and I believe music is the cure to healing people- writing music is my therapy and hopefully it can help others get through situations they’re going through as well. 

Any last words for your fans?


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