New Music Alert: KAYTA’s “TY”

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KATYA just dropped her new song "TY" and we can't get enough of it. She effortlessly blends hip-hop and R&B with a sound that is truly hers. Her vulnerable and honest lyrics are the standout and this song keeps with her empowering theme.

KAYTA explains, “In the past years, my circle of friends has significantly gotten smaller. I was the type of person who got close with people really fast and, all of a sudden, getting a reality check. The song TY (for Thank You) is about cutting off friends, family members or just people who are no longer good for you. It happened in my case with people who were really close to me and that knew me on a deep level. I was just sick of maintaining relationships that were going nowhere, so that’s why I prefer having a smaller circle and cherish these friendships and loved ones. Fun fact: I wish they will have a listen to my song and not take it too personally. It’s music, it’s intuitive, and it’s not like it’s my way of thinking 100% of the time. But that’s how I felt during the writing process of this song."

The black-and-white video directed by Thomas Soto shows those emotions perfectly. KAYTA says, "The music video we shot for TY illustrates my introspection on toxic relationships, and it’s also a way of speaking directly to these people even though it’s not an easy thing to approach. We really put emphasis on the different dialogues (to myself, or to these people) and on the emotions through my eyes."

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