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We're a little obsessed with New Schematics, they've just been churning out bop after bop this year. Their new single "Automatic" is summer-ready. The song instantly hooks you and is definitely going to put you in a good mood.

The New Schematics follow-up ’Small Talk’ with the alt-pop indie rock track ‘Automatic’. You can presave the track now here. Produced by Micah Tawlks (the mastermind behind nashville indie pop band Myzica), this banger clocks in at 168 bpm. In other words, it’ll get you moving.

Automatic’ came quickly to frontman and principal songwriter Cory Bishop. ’Songs don’t usually come out all in one piece for me, but when they do, I know there’s some kind of magic in it,’ Bishop says. ‘I’ve written a lot of songs about being on the road, but this one is about being at home while she’s away.’ He even name checks his wife, Kristen (see ‘Who Do You Think You Are?) in the lyrics: 

she taped a note on the refridgerator,

'sleep on my side of the bed while I'm away



Expect a lot more from The New Schematics throughout the rest of this year. Catch them in Chicago on 7/22 at Nichols Park and in Nashville on 7/28 at Mercy Lounge with Hardcastle, DBMK and Jet Black Alley Cat. 

The New Schematics on InstagramTwitterFacebook and Spotify and watch their new video below.

Presave the song here:

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