New Music Alert: Sophia Scott’s “Strangers Again”

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We absolutely love Sophia Scott and are so stoked to premiere her latest single, “Strangers Again.” She says, "meeting a stranger, falling in love, and then breaking up is (in my opinion) overlooked.  Yes, break ups are always tough, but there is a sad and yet poetic nature that comes from someone you love so deeply, being removed from your future as they turn back into the stranger they once were.”

“In a way, it’s like 'the circle of life' but the 'circle of love.'  I came up with this idea after hearing about a friend who had run into an ex he had dated in years past.  He realized upon their interaction that he not only could not physically recognize her, but more importantly that he knew nothing of her current life.  I wrote this song with the hope of triggering a feeling of youth, happiness, and nostalgia to the listener, all the while recognizing that change is a constant unknown.  I thought it was a good one to finish off the summer and hope everyone enjoys it!"

This single is the perfect ode for the feeling of simply falling in love with a stranger. Someone you’re just infatuated with immediately before even knowing them.

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