New Music Sunday: August 15th 2021

emilytreadgold #1, Features

Charlotte OC's "Centre of the Universe" is a self-proclaimed love letter to narcissists and it's everything we want and more. Her smoky vocals and effortlessly cool vibes that just radiate from this are exactly what we need sometimes. We need to feel like we're the center of the universe occasionally.

Jade Bird has such a delicate and ethereal voice and then it builds and contains so much power at the same time. You can just feel the rage, it's so cathartic and awe-inspiring.

She shared, "This song is about the fury I feel on behalf of my friends when they are walked and talked over." And we feel that.

spill tab's sound is unlike anything else, it's edgy and has that hint of danger but her voice makes it so soft at the same time, it's the perfect juxtaposition. Her new song "Indecisive" is truly a theme song, not just for all of us indecisive people, but for anyone who needs a dose of cool-girl energy.