New Music Sunday: August 15th 2021

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Charlotte OC’s “Centre of the Universe” is a self-proclaimed love letter to narcissists and it’s everything we want and more. Her smoky vocals and effortlessly cool vibes that just radiate from this are exactly what we need sometimes. We need to feel like we’re the center of the universe occasionally.Jade Bird has such a delicate and ethereal voice and then …

New Music Sunday: November 15th 2020

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We’re beyond obsessed with this EP, Ginesse is definitely an artist you need to pay attention to, we’ve been looping “White Denim” all weekend. She says, “LA can be a lonely place. The EP is about the people who have stuck around though it all and helped changed my point of view of my life experiences. These people saved my …

My 2018 SXSW Diary

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SXSW is hell week, but in a good way. This year I was planning a day party (girls to the front) as well as doing press which means a ton of interviews every day and getting videos and live-tweeting. I drink 5 hour energies nonstop and think all together I ate 3 slices of pizza for the 7 days total and I walked more than I’ve ever walked. It’s exhausting but so rewarding.