New Music Sunday: July 11th 2021

emilytreadgold #1, New 9 Tracks

Angel Olsen announced that she's releasing an 80s covers project and I cannot be more thrilled. I love cover songs, I love Angel Olsen, I love how she's translating these covers into her own world. Laura Branigan's "Gloria" is reimagined into this haunting track that takes such a dark turn on a song that sounds happy but has those darker lyrics. It's perfect for Angel Olsen and the perfect pre-curser to the project.

Hey Violet really does dark lyrics with sparkling melodies so well. "Party Girl"  is about the pressure of being that girl, the always the life of the party girl that seems to only have one level, but it always is just the surface. You never see what's lurking beneath.

"Livin' up to low expectations one at a time. Two in the morning, comin' alive. Showing up with three is a crowd. So I come alone. Before I get lonely, just take me home..."

Bahari has been one of our fav acts for a long time, their voices together are so dreamy. Their new EP "Forget You" really is a turning point for them. Those perfect melodies and effortless vocals are so hypnotizing.

Elle Winter's new song, "Candy" just screams fun. It's bright and bubbly and has so much personality.

She says, "Candy is a playful, cheeky, yet empowering song about not tolerating sweet talking and game playing in any relationship. I want people to sing along, dance and have fun with this soulful, summer jam while being reminded that they deserve to be treated with respect and decency always."