New Music Sunday: July 4th 2021

emilytreadgold #1, New 9 Tracks

Taylor just never misses. Big Red Machine's new song that features her just hits so hard. Justin Vernon and Taylor Swift already sound so great together and the production on this is just flawless. Sad girl summer is definitely here.
Ralphy's genre-blending production and retro sound feel just right for summer. This song centers on the theme of taking your confidence back and one-sided love. The triumphant, shimmering chorus is dripping with empowerment and I love how much personality her vocals have on this song.
Just Stef's sweet vocals and pop-perfect melodies are such a dreamy combo. "Miss U Miss Me" feels so effortless. An ode to missing someone so much but pairing it with those earwormy choruses.
Lily Kincade is prepping for her EP release and her songs just keep getting dreamier. You can really just feel those emotions, her lyrics are so relatable and it's almost like you're a part of the story. She's such a good narrator. It all builds to those perfect choruses she's known for. We're so ready for this EP!

Rising star Mia Giovina's new song "Time Machine," captures the feeling of watching your childhood fade. It's something we can all feel.

Mia shares, "With my closest friends off in cities hours from me and adulthood knocking its fist on my door, this song felt like it wrote itself more than I wrote it. Whether you’re 17 or 70, I hope this song makes you feel something."  

James the Seventh is one of our favorite new discoveries. Her haunting vocals and the build of this song, the echoing bass line, it feels so looming and dark, but those ethereal vocals just bring it all together.