New Music Sunday: June 13th 2021

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ABISHA's gorgeous vocals and unapologetic songwriting always deliver.  Her new single, "If You Were Mine" was written to define what a healthy relationship means to Abisha and how she would treat her next girlfriend right. She explains, “I’m making sure that they know that they are loved and never have to doubt that, no matter what.”

Abisha explains also adds that all of her songs are pride songs, she says, "Every song I release is always going to be about a girl. My music will always be pride-focused. I always want people who are queer to relate to my music and also normalize it to encourage people to be accepting of whoever they are."

Love You Later's unapologetic lyrics are so so relatable, this song is so fun and witty and it's just so full of personality.

She shared, "this one goes out to all the mean girls in high school!! you suck regina but look at me now! i hope you love it and scream it at the top of your lungs all summerrrrrr!!!!"

Minoe's new song has so many layers to it. It's a revenge fantasy with a deeper meaning.

She shared, "This song was about a dream I had where I ~almost~ killed my ex after finding out he has (in real life) multiple SA allegations against him. I know this is a heavy topic but I think it’s important to speak about it because we need to stick together and look out for each other! Educate your sons! Educate your friends!"