Ignorance And Persistence And Willful Belligerence: An Interview With Emily Wells

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Emily Wells has the most poetic way of phrasing, her latest album, This World Is Too __ For You is an ambitious concept album about humanity. We talked to her about climate change, being a woman, and the book she’s been obsessed with recently. How did you get started in music? Emily: I got started in music by playing the violin …

Lady Shot Callers Needs To Be Happening Everywhere

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We love highlighting badass women in the entertainment industry. One of our favorites is Crowd Surf, they’re responsible for helping so many young artists break into the music industry. Crowd Surf was formed in 2007 by Cassie Petrey and Jade Driver and as the brains behind the operation, they’ve worked with the Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Max & Harvey, and some of our favorites Why Don’t We and Jena Rose.

Women In Music: Who Run The World

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Who Run The World is London’s first promotions company exclusively showcasing women in music. They’re celebrating their second birthday on August 13th with a killer lineup featuring ARXX, Fightmilk, The Baby Seals, The Menstrual Cramps, and Suggested Friends. I talked to founder Beth White about the idea behind Who Run The World and why it’s necessary for women to support other women.