New Music Sunday: June 20th 2021

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Zella Day's new song "Girls" is exactly what we all need, a celebration of the women in our lives.

She says, "In most instances, over the past few years it’s been my friends that I’ve drawn the most inspiration. The most beautiful and wild creatures on the West Coast. These girls in their purple tights and sports cars, heart-shaped lipped freaky girls with big girl heads on their shoulders “drunk off the sunshine with you” girls. Nectar of the muse. This is to all of the feminine entities and embodiments gracing our world with your power, what would we ever do without us?"

Bailey Baum's gentle vocals and dreamy melodies in "Bad For Me" feel so nostalgic.

She says, “I wrote this in 2020 with some incredible songwriters [Cameron Mitchell & Emily Fullerton] during the process of healing from a heartbreak,” Bailey says. “I wanted to fall back into the person because I missed them but I knew doing that was bad for me, which inspired the song.”

Jessica Luise's gorgeous new song "a.m." is so dreamy and we instantly fell in love with her voice.

The song serves as her upcoming EP’s lead single, written as a sanguine ode to flings, and the emotional battle between falling in love with someone in one night and then never hearing from them in the morning. It’s a melancholic song - in a similar vein to her previous single ‘Nice Try’ - upbeat sounding on the face of it, but with a vulnerability and helplessness buried within the lyrics. ‘a.m.’ lets you into Jessica’s world and lets you know what to expect from the rest of her EP.

Caroline Romano's new song "PDA of the Mainstream" is something we can all relate to, our relationship with social media is pretty toxic but we feel like we have no other choice than to participate in it.

She shared, "When I’m angry, I laugh. Then, I write about it. That’s what happened here. Maybe anger isn’t the right word to describe my tumultuous outlook on applications and the digital age, and trying to make music through it all. It’s more that I feel like I’m 10 years old again, looking at something I fear I’m never going to be a part of. In the most honest of confessions, I don’t even want to be a part of it. But, and this is the despicable part about it, I have to want it. Because I’m told every day that in order to make it, I have to be a part of this world that I look at with the deepest sense of dread and trepidation. I’m not an internet star. And there, in that statement is why I wrote this song."


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