New Music Sunday: August 29th 2021

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Kim Petras is back and this is the dawn of a new era. and we’re all here for it. She shared, “I felt so anxious at the start of lockdown because for me the most anxiety-inducing thing is not being able to work and do what I love, ‘Future Starts Now’ came from trying to stay present, instead of stressing …

New Music Sunday: June 20th 2021

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Zella Day’s new song “Girls” is exactly what we all need, a celebration of the women in our lives. She says, “In most instances, over the past few years it’s been my friends that I’ve drawn the most inspiration. The most beautiful and wild creatures on the West Coast. These girls in their purple tights and sports cars, heart-shaped lipped …

Our Entire SXSW Recap

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I was so equally excited and nervous for SXSW this year. I think it is hands-down the most important music event of the year. The bands that are performing aren’t your usual festival round-makers, they’re up-and-comers, and there’s just endless possibilities to meet new people in the industry. All opportunities await!