New Music Sunday: May 23rd 2021

emilytreadgold #1, New 9 Tracks

Olivia Rodrigo made this her year, this is the album we've all been waiting for and it does not miss. From start to finish Olivia's anger, sadness, her emotions are so palatable and it's relatable even if you're in your 30s and reflecting on that first heartbreak that still stings when you look back on it.

She says, "There’s nothing like sitting at the piano in my bedroom and writing a really sad song. It’s truly my favorite thing in the world; it’s so inspiring to see my music affect people and maybe help them to feel less alone too."

"I’m also fascinated by the idea of a relationship going sour—how a person you loved so much and told all your secrets to can become the person you can’t stand,” Rodrigo explains about the album’s title. "For me, the goal of all music is to take these complicated feelings and externalize them in a way that makes people feel seen."

CLOVES just released an impressive, chilling, album that we just can't stop listening to.

She says, "The first album was really difficult to make. By the end of it, I felt really down and quite lost in myself. So much of my self-esteem revolves around my work and how well I feel I’m doing. I wasn’t in a good place. I started understanding what I wanted out of my second album before the first album cycle even ended." 

“I wanted the anxiety portion of my internal dialogue to feature throughout the album as another character lyrically, that felt like the best way to express how tangible these thoughts feel.”

STACEY’s vintage sound is so fresh and dreamy. Her new album is filled with these glimmers of nostalgia but it feels so modern.

She says, “A Saturn Return is when the planet Saturn returns to its original position from when you were born. Astrologically speaking, it is a rebirth in many ways, by way of rapid turmoil, a forceful learning of lessons to emerge as an elevated and truer version of yourself. This album was written and recorded during mine.

On the aesthetics of the album, she explains, “Every day, I wrap myself in 60s and 70s music, fashion, and design; I feel at home there, and made it my mission to reflect that in the music, but with 2021 mixes. Modern vintage. I tried to swirl colour, nostalgia, playfulness and raw emotion into a kaleidoscopic world, with both grandiose and intimate moments. I’ve never been more at the helm of my own work than with Saturn Return. It feels like a cosmic caterpillars-to-butterflies moment, both sonically and as a milestone.”

AUDREY NUNA is a name you need to know, this project is filled with gems and her songs are so original.

She says, "'a liquid breakfast' is a sign of my adolescence. It's the soundtrack of my move from the suburbs into the city back into the suburbs. I was a kid when I started writing it. I’m still a kid but there was definitely some Pika to Raichu action throughout the course of this project. I hope I stay a kid forever." She continues, "Duality is a big recurring theme of this project and my life. Nonchalant and overthinking, foreign and familiar, hard and soft, ugly and beautiful, alone and lonely. I wrote a lot of this project from my apartment in New Jersey, recorded a bunch of it in my closet, sweating."

Zoe Wees has one of the best voices in the game right now, it's so soulful and haunting. Her new EP is so gorgeous and vulnerable.

She explains, "Each of the songs are autobiographical and very special to me. In a way‚ the EP was written as personal therapy, with each track helping tackle my own mental health,” she says. "In regard to my great-grandmother, my mom told me the one who leave are looking down at us with golden wings, so that’s why I called my EP Golden Wings. When I think of golden wings, I have to think of the way my great-grandmother is looking down at me from above."

PRONOUN is the definition of an independent artist and her new song "I'M RIGHT BACK IN IT" it's angsty, it's anthemic and it just hits so hard.

She sings, "Somebody ask me how I’m doing well I can’t complain. It’s just existing in itself is driving me insane. Leave for a couple weeks and say things’ll be different then. Somebody ask me how I’m doing so I hit recall. Because existing in itself just makes me feel so small. Leave for a couple weeks and say things’ll be different then, I’m right back in it."