New Music Sunday: May 2nd 2021

emilytreadgold #1, New 9 Tracks

The instant boost of serotonin when I first listened to this song was all I needed this week. Something about the production on this, the melodies, the effervescent chorus, just makes you feel instantly happy and the meaning behind the song is so important.

They said, "This one is very special for many reasons. It came about so naturally, yet it was a bit of a puzzle to make it into what you’re hearing today. If you’ve ever struggled mentally you know just how scary it can be and how much shame you can feel. That’s the part that isn’t talked about enough. How little patience we have for those who are struggling. How quickly we are to judge and say “why can’t they just get it together?” This kind of attitude only perpetuates mental illness and we need to be aware of how we view and treat those who are going through it."

When Taylor says listen to girl in red, we listen to girl in red.

An incredible debut album that encompasses those feelings of youth and angst in a way that's so poetic and vulnerable. She's frustrated, angry, in love, in lust, and it builds into this explosion. It's everything you want from a young artist and sets the stage for where she's heading.

CLOVES has been in a phase of this dystopian, chilling sound accompanied by her lush vocals and I'm not mad about it. It's the perfect juxtaposition and it feels so cinematic and haunting.

We are always down for some new Nightly, their new song "lover/loner" is the perfect embodiment of their introspective lyrics with those shimmering melodies.

They shared, “We wanted to write a song about the duality and human condition that we feel so often. The spectrum of emotions that we personally go through and wrestle with. As much as we try to maintain a positive mindset, we’re acknowledging the battle with the darker side of our brain. It’s just a really open honest perspective of what goes through our heads on a daily basis.”

Julia Michaels is easily one of the most underrated artists, she just doesn't get what she deserves. The impact she's had on modern pop is undeniable. Her ability to move between her work for other artists and crafting her own sound is so impressive. This album really embodies everything we love about Julia Michaels. Her voice just breaks your heart. You really feel the emotion bleeding through these songs.
James the Seventh has a voice that's just beyond dreamy, you could easily describe it as a cross between Billie Eilish and Lana Del Rey. It's those gorgeous vocals and her sultry, hypnotic melodies. She's definitely an artist you need to watch.