New Music Sunday: May 30th 2021

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Baker Grace's angelic voice and vulnerable lyrics work together so well. Her shimmery, pop songs always have this sensitive underlying introspective current.

On her new EP she says, "I’ve been missing that part of me that I had when I was a little kid, where you just enjoy and appreciate every little moment. I want to put that into my music."

Julia Jacklin and RVG teamed up to cover the incredible Bjork song "Army Of Me" and it's everything you want in a cover. Jacklin's haunting vocals really elevate any song.

She shared, "Was a REAL pleasure to spend a day making music this year with some wonderful people. True bliss. This song meant a lot to young me so it was nice to live in it for a second."

Hey Violet is back with another effervescent track that's laced with a pop-punk current that just embodies the attitude that Hey Violet always serves us.

Rena sings, "Dear love Why you tryna mess me up? You got me writing dear love Why you tryna mess me up? God, it feels like I'm out my head, I'm out my mind I spill my thoughts on the dotted line" - it all fits so perfectly.