New Music Sunday: November 1st 2020

emilytreadgold #1, New 9 Tracks

Clearly, we're obsessed with LEON.  She has this ability to pinpoint an exact feeling, and it hurts because of how precise it is. You know you've felt the same way before. Her new album Apart is a collection of songs that embody all the emotions associated with love and heartbreak, and it couldn't be a more on-brand album for LEON. The cinematic production, the timing of the strings, and of course, her incredible voice, all come together for the perfect album for isolation and reflection.

We love Illicit Ghost's distinctive vocals and haunting melodies. Her new song "Halftime" is exactly what we needed this week.

She says, “I was messing around on the piano one day and the chords just kind of came to me. They felt heroic and I tried to steer the lyrics into the same lane. Suddenly I had this moment where I felt like I was standing outside of myself. I was able to acknowledge and feel proud of the self-work I had done to get to where I am, to be able to put myself in a mental space where I can function and create. I don’t know why but I keep pushing myself, I’m happy I don’t quit even though there are so many times when I feel like I should."

M.A.G.S. is one of our favorite up-and-coming artists and we love his new song "Smile."

 “’Smile’ is written about the intense emotion of a typical lovers quarrel,” says M.A.G.S. “Choosing brutal honesty over tactful bedside manor, apathy over compassion and the undying desire to be in the right in a situation where the biggest thing at stake is each other's feelings. The push and pull of emotions and the fiery anecdotes that engulf every disagreement eventually collapse into a singular moment of exasperation when you realize you don’t remember what you were even fighting about.” He continues, “‘Smile’ explores the dark, brooding thoughts of one person's longing to change and trying to find a middle ground between two peoples’ needs.”

We're total suckers for any good cover and Zella Day always hits the nail on the head. We never though Zella's ethereal vocals would sync up with Ozzy's "Crazy Train" so effortlessly.

She shared, "In honor of one of musics most iconic and influential figures of political and societal rebellion I humbly present my cover of Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train” available everywhere this Friday. It has been an incredibly powerful experience getting to spend time with this song."

Ariana Grande is just killing it, I'm so proud of her. While I wasn't SUPER impressed with the title track, Ariana delivers with her knack for melodies that get stuck in your head and those soaring vocals that are totally her own. This feels like classic Ariana. Not only that, but she's been using her platform to encourage her audience to get out and vote and we can't help but love that.