New Music Sunday: September 12th 2021

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Kacey Musgraves just dropped her highly anticipated album, star-crossed, and we were not ready for depressed girl fall but here it is. Kacey’s poetic lyrics bleed through this, it’s so vulnerable. It’s her brand of country-pop that allows those emotions to wind through this in a way that never feels forced. I’ve never been through a divorce but I feel …

Our Favorite Albums of 2020

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If I had to sum up what all of my music taste has been in 2020, it would be the word “longing.” It’s like I’m craving everything that we can’t have right now. I want to feel all of the feelings I felt when I was with people, and I’m looking for any amount of emotions to fill that void. …

New Music Sunday: November 1st 2020

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Clearly, we’re obsessed with LEON.  She has this ability to pinpoint an exact feeling, and it hurts because of how precise it is. You know you’ve felt the same way before. Her new album Apart is a collection of songs that embody all the emotions associated with love and heartbreak, and it couldn’t be a more on-brand album for LEON. The cinematic …

LEON’s New Album Apart Is Perfect For Isolation And Reflection

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LEON will always be synonymous with the same night as one of my worst breakups. I spent the day crying, then pushed myself out the door. It wasn’t the smartest decision given my mental state, but I stood there openly crying during all of LEON’s heartbreaking songs. Did everyone look at me like I was insane? 1000%, but it was …

New Music Sunday: September 20th 2020

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Nova Miller is back with another insanely catchy pop track. “Girls Like Us” puts her crazy vocal range on full display all with a danceable beat that feels like such a ray of sunshine right now. It’s the perfect feel-good no fucks given anthem that makes you want to dance with your friends. Lulu Simon’s latest, “Strangers” is about a …

LÉON Breaks Our Hearts Every Time (But We Keep Coming Back)

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I think when you agree to attend a LÉON show, you have to know what you’re getting yourself into – and that’s a puddle of emotions. Walking into her set at the House of Blues Parish Room, you’re transported into an intimate setting that kind of resembles a church, and for good reason. As the band began to set up …

LEON’s Debut Album Has Our Heart

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My loyalty to LÉON dates back to 2016. I found her through Spotify and when I saw her perform on Corden’s Late Late Show, I knew it was only a matter of time before the world felt what I felt when I heard her sing. Flash forward to Coachella last year and I actually cried at her set. I cannot believe I’m admitting this now…

LÉON Blesses Us With New Music

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LEON has a very special place in my heart. After easily the worst breakup in my life, I dragged myself to her show, my eyes still swollen from crying. Based on her catalog of music, I knew this wasn’t the smartest decision but I couldn’t miss her.

Everything That Happened at Coachella 2018

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Coachella is truly a magical festival. The sprawling scene is so large that my friend’s Fitbit countered over 20 miles that we walked. Coachella’s allure starts with the location: the desert sky, the mountains in the background dotted by art installations, the hot but dry weather, it’s truly beautiful.

Talking Vintage Blouses And Relationships With Wrabel

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“As cliche as it sounds, time was the best thing for me. And compulsive shopping for vintage clothes eBay.”

This was the first thing singer/songwriter Wrabel says to me when we spoke on the phone. I discovered Wrabel through a late night search on Spotify when I jumped from one artist to the next. His song, “11 Blocks” captivated me and with the different yet realistic lyrics, I’ve kept it on my workday playlist. Naturally, instead of talking about music first, I came to him for relationship advice.