New Music Sunday: October 11th 2020

emilytreadgold #1, New 9 Tracks

X. ARI's new EP “As You Are” is a confessional record that touches on mental health and self-acceptance. What we love about X.ARI's work is she works through those vulnerable moments and turns it into art that's relatable but also so fresh and bold. 

VERITE is always a good choice and her dreamy new project is absolutely stunning.

She shared, "honestly, what a strange fucking year it’s been. i feel like i’ve been on a rollercoaster since january & it’s finally coming to a stop, but i can still feel the momentum in my body. new limbs is a living project. it doesn’t end here. it’s an experiment i will learn and grow with. it’s a collection of songs about losing love and figuring out how to move on. the process of creation helped me own my own independence, as a human and a creator."

AIRxYel is letting go and putting out her most vulnerable music yet, her new song "Wondering" is the perfect song for this year. A year where we need to rediscover ourselves and grow into who we're supposed to be. While we can look back on memories and the videos of a different time, we need to move forward. The song is about making the most out of a negative situation and that's definitely something we all need now.
TALIA's new song is such a vibe, the echoing vocals and moody production emphasis the drama of the song.
She says, “I remember the day I wrote ‘colder;’ I was reflecting a lot on a complicated relationship I had a while ago. Coming out of a relationship with a lot of confusion and miscommunication hurts because I felt like it could have been saved ‘if only’ I or the other person had fought harder for it. Regret is always annoying because it just creeps back in. I usually write songs to help me understand or process my emotions. It's definitely jarring to feel like the person I gave so much love and warmth to could suddenly be so cold.”

STACEY's dreamy vocals and ehtereal melodies are so perfect. We also just worship her aesthetic. Her new song "One Woman" couldn't feel more relevant.

She says, "'One Woman' grapples with the inevitable feelings of hopelessness and futility that come with wanting to change the world, while simultaneously existing under the weight of it. It is the impossibility of standing at the bottom of a mountain of sorrows and you alone are not enough to move it. A snapshot of feeling small. I wrote “One Woman” Summer 2019 with my friend Brandon Wolfe Scott who also produced it. With every horror 2020 brings us I wonder if I am unknowingly psychic."

Julietta's new single "Ghosted For The Beach" is perfect for when you're fighting the urge to finally leave your apartment and escape the monotony.

"Sometimes I wake up not wanting to tell a story that’s my own but just fantasize about one that isn’t,"Julietta shares about the track. "This story is a fantasy. My fantasy. Running away and not having other opinions get in the way. I am always trying to do what’s right and please people and make sure they are happy. This song is about not doing that but instead breaking those chains and leaving the hands that hold me down behind."

Dasha's new song "None of My Business" is so much fun and we love any good break up song. This one has a contagious energy and IDGAF attitude and it's boosting our mood this week.