New Music Sunday: September 12th 2021

emilytreadgold #3, Features

Kacey Musgraves just dropped her highly anticipated album, star-crossed, and we were not ready for depressed girl fall but here it is. Kacey's poetic lyrics bleed through this, it's so vulnerable. It's her brand of country-pop that allows those emotions to wind through this in a way that never feels forced. I've never been through a divorce but I feel like I have now.

We always have a space on our playlist for Troye Sivan and especially for this super cheesy in all the right ways track "Angel Baby." Troye's voice is just dripping with charm, it feels so light and heavenly.

He said, "I think I’m a romantic, and have definitely experienced all that comes w that over the last while. Sometimes i wonder if I’ve lost hope, and then I’ll write on a song like Angel Baby and let myself remember and daydream and fantasise for a sec. Someone who feels like a holiday 🤩 that’s what we all deserve."

Charlotte OC's sultry voice always delivers and the vibes on her new song "Mexico" are the epitome of cool-girl energy. This is the kind of song you listen to on a long drive at night. It has the perfect hint of mystery.

Aly & AJ just never miss, their new song "Get Over Here" is laced with their specific brand of shimmery, emotional pop.

They said, "With this song, we really wanted to capture the yearning & anticipation that comes in the early stages of a relationship. Writing this song actually helped kickstart the process of creating our latest album. When we were thinking about a deluxe edition of ‘a touch of the beat…', we knew this had to be on it."