New Music Sunday: June 28 2020

emilytreadgold #3, New 9 Tracks

MIREI's gorgeous voice perfectly compliments this absolute classic Sade song, and the reason behind the release is just as beautiful.

MIREI says, “We're all facing hard times since the COVID-19 outbreak, and are continuing to fight the pandemic and search for a sense of normalcy in this current state. We can't be together right now, or share our love directly, but I've always believed that with music we can stick together as a community across the globe. Before the immense Black Lives Matter movement, I had decided to cover Sade's ‘No Ordinary Love’ as a message to my fans, friends, and my team, who are so special to me. The way we used to love has been taken from us, but a new love has been reborn. The meaning of this song has changed so many times, but the core of it has remained the same - this is no ordinary love, no ordinary life, and exactly how I'm feeling right now. This song, most importantly, is to honor all the front line workers of COVID-19 and for all those who are fighting racial injustices.”

LEON always delivers with her mellifluous voice and vulnerable lyrics.

"'Who You Lovin' is a song that I wrote a while back ago with my close friend and producer, Martin Stilling ," LÉON explains of how the song came about. " I recall feeling kind of frustrated over a certain situation when we wrote it and that the lyrics came out right away, pretty much. It was as if i felt a mixture of being mad and really tired of someone, but also a strong need to be seen and feeling wanted at the same time. So all of those emotions ended up in this song. It feels like I’ve waited for the right moment to release “Who You Lovin” so i’m really happy that I get to share it with everybody now. I hope people will like it. ” 

Donna Missal's voice always delivers and this new song is definitely on repeat. There's so much feeling in her voice it's insane.

I hope this song finds the cracks in your heart and fills them with light,” says Donna Missal. “I hope this song can turn your disconsolateness into aspiration, and wrap its arms around you the way I wish I could right now. I hope this song meets your unrest with a challenge to desire and believe in dreaming for more.

Gillian is one of our favorite up-and-comers right now and her new song "Static" is the perfect bittersweet pop song.

“I actually wrote ‘Static’ minutes before leaving my house to go out with my friends… I didn't want to go, but I also didn't want to miss out,” Gillian writes of the relatable concept behind the track. Balancing melancholic, piano-driven verses with synth-soaked pop choruses, “Static” arrives as a track that is lyrically and musically in sync. 

Tei Shi's hypnotic melodies and effortless vocals combine so beautifully. Her new song "Goodbye" is about a new sense of freedom.

She says, “Goodbye is really just a farewell song. It's me waving goodbye to some different relationships that ended throughout the last couple of years. It's not about one single person, but I'm singing to a few different people - from business related to personal. Obviously you can tell how I feel about it listening to the song… it's kind of a fuck you. I wrote it at the start of a writing trip on a Texas ranch, and it really just felt like something I had to get out of my system while I continued writing the EP. It was an overdue song for me, I had to say the goodbyes in order to start this new phase.” 

Dai Burger's new single "Naomi Walk" is bursting with the confidence we need.

Dai says, "'Naomi Walk' is for the fiercest and the flyest.We need to go out in the world feeling like we can conquer it. I did this song to keep that confident fashion and slaying energy alive...and I got my baby Kidd Kenn along for that extra slay. Channel that Naomi energy and get your walk on...the world is our runway."

Raye Zaragoza's new song is the message we all need right now.

She says, "Growing up, all I ever wanted to be was the it girl. I thought that meant I needed to be a pretty blonde princess Barbie who met her Prince Charming and rode off into the sunset. This fantasy left me with immense inner turmoil and self-hatred. In high school, I would even lighten my skin with lemon juice, dye my hair lighter, and wear blue contacts. I truly thought that in order to be beautiful, you had to be white. The It Girl is my outcry for diverse representation in media, a plea to throw out the old rule book of western expectations of women. I am proud to be a multicultural brown woman with insecurities and a vibrant intersectional identity that I continue to grapple with."