One To Watch: Zach Brandon

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23-year-old Zach Brandon came out with his new song “Top of the Hill” last month and we can't stop listening to it. Zach's sound is the perfect amalgamation of vintage and modern.  we are excited to talk to him about the song and his future steps!

What inspired you to write "Top of the Hill"?

Zach: The song is about not letting go of whatever your dream or passion is. So I was inspired to write this song because it helped me put my self-doubt and fear of failure into perspective and remembering that success is relative and that it's really about the journey. So if you just keep on going, then you can honestly look back at yourself and say that your commitment was a success and not how society defines it.

What got you into music? 

Zach: What got me into music was the hope that I could write music that moves people the same way that music has moved me. To me, music is meant to make us all feel less alone, and in a world like today, there is nothing more important than the feeling of camaraderie and friendship. 

Who are three artists you look up to?

Zach: The three artists I look up to are Coldplay, The Beatles, and Ed Sheeran. All three of these artists (bands included) worked incredibly hard to get to the top. For years, they played shows to no one, they slept on busses and in janitor closets, and they still found a way to believe in themselves and their art, even when no one was listening. Especially when no one was listening, if they can do that, then I can too.

What's the biggest challenge in your career? 

Zach: The biggest challenge in my career so far is having patience. Being in music is a slow build, it consists of a lot of rejection, a lot of hope, and a lot of leg work that never sees the light of day, and so sometimes, it's difficult to trust the process. So I just remind myself why I started, and it always brings me home.

What are your next steps? 

Zach: I have more music on the way, I have shows coming up, and I have a great team behind me. My next steps are to continue looking forward and capitalizing on the positives. 

Follow Zach on Spotify and Instagram to stay tuned and be on the lookout for his LP Sand and Stone coming out later this year!

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