OSTON: Am I Talking Too Much?

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I absolutely adore OSTON, and it's been so amazing to see even friends with different tastes tell me about her and blast her music. We talked to her a while back as she began her musical journey, and I am beyond excited to see what else she plans to do in her career. 

OSTON, last time we spoke, you just had a single. Tell me the process of how you began creating the EP?

The night my friend Lixa and I wrote "Am I Talking Too Much?" (about two and a half years ago, I think), I immediately knew I wanted to make a project based on that concept. For the project, I wrote about my embarrassing thoughts and musings that pass through my brain on any occasion, my feelings about old and new relationships that shaped me into who I am today, how angry and confused I feel that I'm growing up and getting older, and cutting ties with toxic people who were once so important to me. Throughout this set of 8 songs, I ramble on and on about myself, so really how could I call the project anything else? 

Which track on the EP are you the proudest of?

OSTON: That's really hard! Can I be proud of all of them? This project was a very long process, and at times a very tough body of work to create. I'm just so ecstatic I was able to see it through. Each of these songs has such a big piece of my heart. I will say, though, I'm very proud of how vulnerable I was able to be with my songs "Lie About You" and "Sour" – writing those took quite a lot out of me, and performing them live is a whole other feeling.

What's been your favorite festival so far?

OSTON: Lollapalooza is actually the only festival I've ever attended and played!! I've been going to Lolla for the past five summers, so I'm pretty stoked that it was my first ever experience playing a festival.

For those of us who haven't seen you live yet, what can we expect from an OSTON performance?

OSTON: I always try to just have as much fun as possible and make sure the crowd is enjoying themselves too. I still have no clue how to dance, so I kinda just bounce around the stage, smiling really big. It's really fun, I promise!!

Favorite track to perform live?

OSTON: Probably either "Lie About You" because it's so amazing to hear the crowd singing it back to me, or "Am I Talking Too Much?" because it has such a different and exciting energy live.

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