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I remember being introduced to Picture This by one of my first LA friends, Amy. She sent me a bunch of their songs and for lack of a better words, forced me to join her at the Troubadour for one of their American tour dates. Three love songs later, I was hooked and I knew this would be a band I would continue to listen to. Just over a year later, I was able to speak with Ryan Hennesy and Jimmy Rainsford about their latest single, “Unconditional.”

You said ‘Unconditional’ is that undeniable spark you have with someone and when it’s reciprocated it can lead to the most magical moments of your life. What else can you say was the inspiration for this single?

Picture This: Ha, well the inspiration is just about how much I love love. It’s that intoxicating feeling when you first see someone and you fall in love with them and spend every second with them. It’s that thrill with someone you want to cherish and bottle it up. I think we need to remind ourselves of this feeling more often, because it would save a lot of relationships. 

I love that many of your songs stem from love and that longing feeling. What was your reason for this?

Picture This: A lot of the songs are from my life. Some, of course, are exaggerated feelings, but definitely many feelings about love and life and my personal relationships and my friends’ relationships. 

Who were artists you listened to to grow your pop rock sound?

Picture This: We listen to who we feel are the best in their field. We’re talking Queen, Oasis, Metallica had a big effect on us. We love classic bands. 

What’s the process for you to create your songs? 

Picture This: Songwriting for me varies. Usually I would write and send to Jimmy, but sometimes I would go into the studio and Jimmy would work on a track and then we’d add the melodies. 

What’s something you’ve picked up in quarantine? 

Picture This: Sewing, actually! I created the Unconditional artwork for the cover. I’ve also been going to the gym more. It’s good for your head, and your biceps! 

Haha, oh definitely! I think oddly enough, there are a handful of people finding love in quarantine, too. Because ‘Unconditional’ is a love song, what’s your best love advice?

Picture This: Don’t get wrapped up in it. When you’re seeing someone it’s great to fall in deep, but remember to be your own person and let them be their own, too. 

Last thing, before we wrap up. I want to thank you for creating a safe environment at your show at the Troubadour. With recent allegations from other fans to various artists, what’s something you want to offer for musicians in the industry?

Picture This: I think they have to vocalize safety. You need to make fans, especially young girls, you’re aware that you’re creating a space. They shouldn’t have to learn that a show can be potentially dangerous. We care so much about our fans. We keep in touch with them all the time, meet them and encourage them that if something happens we want to know. We want to react quickly. 

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