Paravi: I Hate All Men But…

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Paravi is AN ABSOLUTE GEM. I started seeing her covers on my for you page earlier this summer so when I found out I got to talk to her, I literally screamed! If you haven’t seen her stuff you’re really missing out. Between her covers and her own TikTok sounds going viral, she’s one to watch. We’re so excited to get to show you this preview because she’s only about to continue being a household name.

Paravi, when you created the "I hate all men" trend, did you ever expect this? 

Paravi: Not in my wildest dreams. A few videos before then had been doing well because people were surprised by the transition between my speaking voice and singing voice, so I took that and ran with it. I started thinking about what I could say in front of “Cloud 9” by Beach Bunny, which had already been trending and then thought it should be an oxymoron since the chorus starts with a “but”...and “I hate all men” was born. I’m so grateful for everything the days since the moment I pressed upload have given me.

How and when did you decide to pursue music? 

Paravi: I like to say I was born singing Broadway show tunes - that I learned how to sing before I could talk and how to act before I could smile. It’s in my blood and bones. My father has the singing voice, my mother has the artistic ability, my brother plays every instrument known to man, and I’m Paravi. I started singing lessons at age 3 and my parents haven’t been able to shut me up since. I’ve always known this was the dream.

Your talent is unmatched and I actually saw you on my for you page before - what can you say about TikTok and how it's shaped how you interact with your large social following already? 

Paravi: I owe TikTok so much of who I am and who I will become. It can be toxic, hurtful, and painful at times, especially with such an increase in hate online, but when it’s kind? Man, that’s such a beautiful thing. I’m incredibly thankful for all that it has allowed me to do, but none of this would be possible without the people who support me. My friends, not fans, I like to say. Having an honest connection with the humans who have allowed me to live a fantasy is so, SO important to me - I truly would not be here talking to you if it weren’t for every, single one of them. I owe it all to them. While responding to every single message and comment is not entirely possible, I like to leave a little message in the comment section on each of my TikTok’s: thank you for being here, not just on this video somewhere on your FYP, but in this life. I appreciate your existence and I know a lot of other people appreciate it, too.

Has there been a particular favorite song you’ve covered? 

Paravi: “Home” by Edward Sharpe. I love songs that make me feel good, and this one never fails to put a smile on my face and a skip in my step. Wow, that was a lame reference. Who even says “skip in my step” anymore.

What's something you want your fans to know about you that they may not know from your social media? 

Paravi: I’m so freaking flawed. I try to be honest about who I am on social media because when it’s authentic, the relationships you create are just as real, and I try to talk about my mistakes as transparently as I can, but it’s difficult, you know? You always want to look your best on every IG picture, sound amazing on every TikTok, but most people don’t know it takes me 45 minutes to get one good singing video because I nitpick every single thing about it. Usually, I just give up and post the most recent draft, ending the night in tears and kicking myself for not being perfect. I’ll choose 2 photos out of 50 for Instagram, because I tear those apart, too. The list goes on. As much as I try to be real, it’s so hard to pretend I don’t struggle with being online, the pressure of being perfect, the pressure of being me. And as the number of friends grows, so does that fear. I am so, SO appreciative of everything I have been so blessed with, especially these amazing, incredible human beings who have chosen to join my journey, but I’d be lying if I said every post I make is perfect. It’s hard, but it gets easier when I see kind and loving people on the other side of the screen. I’m so grateful to have such a wonderful group of listeners and lovers in my life.

Who are some of your favorite artists and inspiration? 

Paravi: Adele, Yebba, Hozier, Shawn Mendes, Harry Styles, the list goes on. But early 2000’s-2017 pop? That’s where the money’s at.

Any advice to up-and-coming and aspiring musicians? 

Paravi: Rejection is redirection. Always.

What's next? 

Paravi: So much. A secret for now that I cannot wait to share.

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