Put RØYLS On Your Radar

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RØYLS is a three-piece and they’re here to join the masses of boy bands making a comeback. Their debut single, “Savages” isn’t about the most uplifting topic but it’s definitely a bop. The 3 boys are no stranger to the industry. Liam Ross, Sean Killeen and Drew Dirksen all were in previous bands before forming this eclectic trio. We are so stoked to have them on our radar and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

Tell me about the single, “Savages.”

Savages is about figuring out how to save a failing relationship. We all wrote this pulling from personal experiences and it means a lot to us!

How was it collaborating with John Feldmann? Who else do you wish to collaborate with?

John Feldmann is such an inspiration to us. He has the best work ethic and charisma and is so easy to work with. He is also an incredible writer! For another person to collaborate with, it would be amazing to write with Twenty One Pilots or The 1975.

Tell me about how you got together and formed the band.

We all knew each other from playing music around LA and the UK, and we were all looking to start a project to put our entire hearts into and that’s what this is.

What’s next for the year?

Writing, creating, and putting out music, and hopefully some tours!

Follow them on Twitter and Instagram to stay tuned!

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