RØYLS Are Taking Over

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The band RØYLS recently came out with their new EP “I Think Too Much” in August and we’re loving it. This EP is a a total vibe, and we are feeling their distinctive alt-pop sound. In our interview, the band shares what keeps them motivated and their major influences. 

How did you come up with your band name?

RØYLS: It's a really crazy story actually - we all got together in a room, and said "On the count of three, we all yell what we want our band name to be." We counted down and all yelled "RØYLS!" 

Just kidding, we just thought it sounded cool.

Who/what were your guys' major influences on this EP?

RØYLS: We all have so many influences, but altogether I think we were influenced by the 1975, 21 Pilots, The Band CAMINO, Joan, a lot of alt pop bands.

What is your favourite song from the EP? Why? 

RØYLS: Our favorite right now is Life Like This, as we think it has such an important message to live your life how you are meant to.

If you could have your fans remember one thing about you what would it be?

RØYLS: We would want that every time they think about us or hear our music, to feel included in the bigger picture our music brings, and just be happy.

What is your songwriting process like?

RØYLS: It honestly never really goes the same every time, but we always like to dance around a little bit if we come up with something that sounds sick.

What keeps you guys motivated?

RØYLS: All it takes is one second for us to think about our dream job, and realize that we are doing it and we should be grateful. That really motivates us.

What are your next steps?

RØYLS: We are going to be constantly writing and trying to set up as many shows as possible!

Follow RØYLS on Instagram and Spotify to stay tuned.

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