Sarah Barrios Didn’t Mean To

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Sarah Barrios is the epitome of pop synth. Her latest single, “I Didn’t Mean To” alludes to the mistakes made in relationships and trying so many ways to fix them. I haven’t been able to stop listening to this and I’m so glad to have gotten the opportunity to talk to her about the track and what she’s been up to!

Tell me the inspo for “I Didn't Mean To”.

Sarah: Making mistakes is something everyone deals with, but how often do we realize we were in the wrong and own up to them? 

When I walked into the session that day, all I could think about was how I had made a mistake that hurt someone I cared about and needed to explain that "hey, I messed up, I'm sorry, how do I fix it?" 

It's definitely not easy, but it's still important to try to do. 

What inspires the music you create? Any specific themes or artists?

Sarah: Most of the songs I write are based on how I'm feeling in that exact moment about a specific feeling, but when I'm not inside my own head, I tend to lean on books and oddly enough, those youtube videos that are like "mozart playing in another room but make it rainy" haha! The characters in books give me a different perspective on how I view my own world and feelings and the music just has a very calming texture that helps me relax so I can focus on what I'm feeling.

What are you excited about?

Sarah: I'm excited about finally getting to share this music with the world. Quarantine is definitely tough on a lot of people right now so hopefully, the songs can help bring a little light into this situation we're currently in. Also books, coffee, flowers and dogs. Lots of dogs.

In these times, why do you think music is especially crucial?  

Sarah: I think music is something that really brings all walks of life together. It's a common thread in most people's lives and I think, in a time right now where we can't be physically together, we can still connect by listening to music. I think it also offers a form of escapism for people. Songs are like time machines, they can transport you to another time, another life, to a specific person, it can really help the listener focus on something other than their current surroundings.

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